Cold Brew Coffee Market Revenue Share Analysis, Region & Country Forecast 2030

The Cold Brew Coffee industry is expected to expand at a CAGR of 11.74% during the forecast period (2022-2030), increasing from USD 1.33 billion in 2022 to USD 3.25 billion by 2030.


Market overview:

The cold brew coffee market will obtain a value of USD 3.25 Billion and a CAGR of 11.74% between 2022-2030.

Cold-brew coffee is a popular brewed beverage made by steeping ground coffee for many hours in room-temperature water. It's a rich blend of oils, sugars, and caffeine with low acidity. It increases mood, reduces depression risk, improves cognitive functioning, and aids metabolic rate by burning excess fat in the body. It also helps prevent type-2 diabetes, Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's. There are many different types of beverages, but coffee is the most popular and well-liked of them. In the Cold Brew Coffee Market Size, iced coffee poses a serious threat. These are cooked with freshly ground beans steeped in water and served at room temperature. With each sip, the caffeinated drink jumpstarts the day and refreshes and energizes the intellect. Customers increasingly turn to cold brew coffee because of its flavor and texture. The coffee brewed is smoother, sweeter, and has an acidic flavor. Coffee laced with nitrogen is now available on the market. The producers are working on a unique package for coffee beverages. The industry faced numerous obstacles due to a shortage of manufacturing, manufacturers, and transportation. The Cold Brew Coffee Industry Forecast market has regained demand thanks to effective collaboration between producers and major players. However, due to changing lifestyles and a growing population in the market, the Cold Brew Coffee Market Size has risen dramatically.


The Cold Brew Coffee Market is divided into various segments: type, distribution channel, category, and region.

Pre-packaged beverages that are ready to drink at the moment of purchase include Yerba mate, guarana, taurine, and iced coffee are some of the most popular RTD coffee flavors. Bottles, cans, and various packaging types segment the global ready-to-drink coffee market. Cold brew coffee and other RTD coffee are separated by product type. Supermarkets, specialty stores, internet stores, and other distribution channels are broken down by distribution channel. The regions covered are North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, the Middle East, and Africa.

Regional analysis:

The market for cold brew coffee in North America is expected to grow due to increased acceptance of its refreshing taste and variety of tastes. The rising popularity of cold brew coffee over carbonated drinks, owing to the negative health effects of carbonated beverage use, is likely to drive the cold brew coffee market expansion in the future. The growing consumer preference for craft beverages in North America and the presence of major industry participants such as Starbucks and Coca-Cola Company will likely influence the market. The Key Cold Brew Coffee Market Players in the North American industry are concentrating on new product introductions.

Industrial news:

Honest, a prominent maker of organic bottled tea, announced the arrival of Cold Brew Coffee in three flavors: Unsweet Black, Just a Tad Sweet Cubano, and Mocha, in September 2019.

Nestle enhanced their product offering in May 2018 by introducing two new Cold-Brew Coffee varieties, and both were created with all-natural, high-quality ingredients.